Wednesday, September 12, 2012

YouTube's dedicated app for iPhone

On 2012/09/11 Google launched their dedicated YouTube app for iPhone. There has been much speculation regarding this as Apple have removed the YouTube app embedded in iOS from the upcoming iOS 6 release.


I installed the app on my iPhone and iPad, so here are my initial findings.

The first thing is that this is an iPhone only app, but it does run on the iPad. The interface is clean and navigation is similar to the Google+ and Facebook apps.

One thing I liked straight away was the inclusion of Channel playlists, not the playlist you set up on YouTube, those have always been there, but the playlists users create on their YouTube channel.


I watch the MotorTrend channel quite a bit and like the way that they sort there videos into playlists. Can we have this on the Apple TV too please.

Talking about Apple TV, this app does support AirPlay, but only for audio. If you have an iPad or iPhone 4S you can use AirPlay Mirroring, which will then show the audio and video on the Apple TV, but not at full screen. (Please update this Google)


I would be surprised if Google don't release an iPad version of this soon, espcially seeing as a 7" iPad Mini is more than likely coming soon.

I do like the app and will use it. It's smooth and responsive and video loads quickly. But for me the iPhone is not the primary device I use to watch YouTube.


When it comes to sharing videos this app has you covered


Here are a few more screen captures showing the interface and search


Available for free in the iTunes App store

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