Sunday, December 25, 2011

Homemade BIG Ferrero Rocher

After my BIG Ferrero Rocher post, my Brother in-law and Niece decided they would try and create a "proper" big version of this popular chocolate, seeing as the shop bought one is filled with air.

Homemade BIG Ferrero Rocher 1

They let me in on their method for this DIY version.

First to collect the ingredients. Problem number one, you can't get an oversized hazelnut, so they decided to create a clump of nuts for the center, by sticking them together with melted chocolate. This was then enrobed with layers of Nutella, freezing each layer to get if firm to work on the next one.

Now to find the right wafer, they decided to remove the wafers out of a Tex bar, by melting them and scraping the chocolate off. These were then cut into small squares and stuck onto the side with melted chocolate.

Hazelnuts were then crushed and mixed with a melted dark and milk chocolate mix, to create the outer layer.

After tasting this, I must say that it is really good, and exactly matches the taste of the small version.

The finished product weighed around 600g.

They are already constructing a second one, which they feel needs more wafer to get the ratio of chocolate to wafer correct, so expect that one to be bigger.

Homemade BIG Ferrero Rocher 2
Homemade BIG Ferrero Rocher 3
Homemade BIG Ferrero Rocher 4
Homemade BIG Ferrero Rocher 5
Homemade BIG Ferrero Rocher 6
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